COVID-19 Update


Regarding the Coronavirus and its significant impact on the community:


At Immix, we will continue to monitor the situation and work with the intention to eliminate as much disruption as possible.


With this in mind, we are conscious of ensuring the safety of our employees and yourself as a

valued contributor to our business.


We are guided by the Australian Health Authorities to ensure the health and safety of our community.


Please be aware we have implemented the below actions to ensure the safety of our team and the wider community:


Review personal hygiene regimes to meet the recommended standards of health authorities

Staff to work from home where practicable and limit site visits, internal and external

Meetings are being conducted via video-conferencing where possible and

all non-essential travel postponed until further notice.

Staff who are ill are being told to seek medical advice and stay at home.

Restrictions are in place for all sales and marketing visits and non-business critical customer visits  


If you have any queries, please contact one of our friendly team.


We are hopeful that working together and showing care and compassion for each other

will be effective to reduce the impacts of this virus on our community.