Community benefit, locally

and globally 

We believe that recycling is crucial to the long-term viability of our planet.
One tonne of recycled steel saves 
1,400kg iron ore, 740kg coal, and 120kg lime. 

In the production of every tonne of steel, there is a requirement that 33% of the material content is to be recycled scrap metal. National and international markets need scrap metal to make steel. With this in mind, we established a sustainable supply chain that takes
Australian scrap metal to the world. 

Once collected, your  metal is transported to our state of the art
production facility, efficiently processed and packaged into shipping
containers and exported throughout the world. 

Immix's streamlined collection, production and
export systems are world-class 

Immix is a member of the Bureau of International Recycling and upholds
local and international compliance and regulations

in regards to the collection, processing and export of scrap metal
and the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association.


Three convenient locations

Immix Melbourne

90 Foundation Road 


Victoria 3029

Immix Wodonga

96-120 Whytes Rd


Victoria 3694

Immix Wagga Wagga

236 Copland Street,

Wagga Wagga

NSW, 2650

ENQUIRIES: 1300 046 649