Immix is reliable, responsible
and competitive.

Immix will provide your business with a reliable, responsible

and competitive metal recycling service. 

  • ​You will receive a payment that is based upon current world index prices that offer true value.

  • Our team are experienced, industry professionals. 

  • Collected metals are weighed on independently certified weighbridges and platform scales linked to computerised software. 

  • We offer fast, on-time, trackable electronic weighbridge tickets, account summaries and, if required, customised reports.

  • Fast and reliable payment terms and conditions. 

  • Our bins are high quality and clean, keeping within the standards of your businesses presentation.

We make it easy to be paid for scrap metal.

  • Call one of our team today for a free on-site appraisal.

  • Once your bin service is confirmed, we will deliver the bin to your site.

  • We will work with you to place the bin to suit your needs. 

  • Call us when your bin is full, and we will collect your bin within 48 hours*

  • We will weigh your metal and contact you with the details of payment. 

  • Your bin is replaced. 

  • Your payment will be made within 14 days.