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Thanks to all the residents of Killara in Wodonga who responded to our survey or contacted us directly in August and September.

Today we have delivered this update to all properties with a letterbox in Killara.

Oct Immix Letter
Download PDF • 60KB

It provides answers to the questions asked in the August survey and an update on our plans to reduce noise and screen the Wodonga site. We also speak to the acoustic engineer who designed our acoustic barrier about what we can expect it to achieve.

Phone: 1300 046 649

Dated 26 Aug, 2022

Today we delivered a letter to the Killara community inviting them to contact us and/or complete a survey if they have any concerns about our Wodonga operations.

Click Here to complete the survey.

The letter also outlines actions we have committed to undertaking including construction of a perimeter fence, landscaping and installing acoustic barriers.

You can download the letter below

Killara Residents Letter 26.08.2022
Download PDF • 1.80MB

Immix is committed to working with the Killara community to listen, understand and respond to any concerns or ideas people may have for the recycling plant. You can get in touch with Dean Furborough, Branch Manager

Phone: 1300 046 649

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