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Immix can provide:

Convenient and timely drop off and pick up of skip bins, roll off bins and forklift bins.

Containers and bins can be custom made to meet your needs.

Multi site location support.


Skip Bins:

Are available in small, medium and large sizes.Skip Bins used for small, heavy metals such as heavy gauge steel plate and cutoffs, large quantities of bolts and smaller metal items, sealed units and machine punching and turnings.

Hook Bins:

Are available in 15m ,23m and 30m sizes. Hook Bins are used for steel roofing, pallet racking and store shelving, car parts and motors and white goods.



Forklift Bin:

Are available in X, XL and CNC sizes. Used typically for non- ferrous metals such as aluminium, brass, copper solids, insulated copper wire, stainless steel.

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Short Term Projects - as needed

Looking to meet your short term project needs? Immix provides bin for collection and recycling from your project waste streams.


Long Term Solutions - permanent

We are fast, efficient and reliable. Our delivery and collection service offers a 48 hour turn-around ( unless arranged otherwise). You will have direct contact with an

experienced account manager to look after your metal recycling needs.