At Immix, Health, Safety, Security and Environment is always top of mind.

We are deeply committed to providing a safe and environmentally friendly work environment for our employees, neighbours, contractors and visitors.

The following articles are not permitted to be loaded into our trucks or bins or brought into our sites -:


  • LPG, Oxygen, acetylene or any other compressed gas cylinders including fire extinguishers, camping gas bottles etc if they have not been processed correctly as per relevant Immix procedures.  

  • Projectiles, military ordinance, bombs or similar devices.

  • Closed or sealed containers including spray cans, cans of thinners, paint etc.

  • Pressure vessels unless cut in half.

  • Petrol tanks not fully drained.

  • Chemicals, hazardous or flammable substances or explosives of any kind.

  • Drums which have not been neutralized and certified as clean with tops and labels removed. The Safety Data Sheet must be provided for the chemical which was stored in the drum.

  • Underground fuel storage tanks without any hole or tear. The tank must be flushed with water prior to delivery. Documentation confirming this must be provided.

  • Asbestos and any insulating material containing Asbestos.

  • Radioactive material for example isotopes, industrial radiation gauges, sources, primary x-ray or cancer treatment equipment.

  • Car bodies fitted with batteries and LPG cylinders

  • Rubbish of any kind, rags, paper, timber and other debris.

  • Hypodermic syringes.

  • Scrap containing elemental Mercury.

  • Electrical transformers containing PCB oil. Transformers should accompany a certificate confirming absence of PCB.

  • Devices that may contain Ozone depleting substances such as refrigerator compressors and air conditioning units.

  • Material containing free flowing oil & cutting fluid.

  • Any other hazardous substance.


If any of the above is dispatched to us, either purposely or inadvertently, the prohibited item(s) will be disposed or made safe, in accordance with relevant regulations.

All costs incurred in the process of disposal or safety modifications will be payable by the offending vendor. We hope you will cooperate with us to fulfil our statutory obligations whilst maintaining a safe, secure and environmentally friendly work environment.