Battery Recycling - We collect and transport.

Immix  has partnered with Ramcar and EPSR to collect and transport bulk batteries for recycling. 

Batteries are then transported to the ESPR plant in Bomen NSW for recycling.

Immix is EPA compliant to collect and transport Used Lead Acid Batteries and Dangerous Goods. 

For more information on the collection and transport of bulk batteries

please refer to the ABRI Guidelines 


96-120 Whytes Road

Bandiana Vic 3690

Step 1

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Help us to save the environment by recycling your batteries by bring them to our depot. 


96-120 Whytes Road, Bandiana Vic 3690

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 8am - 4pm


1300 046 649

Step 2


We accept:

  • Steel (industrial and domestic)

  • Vehicle batteries

  • Copper (wire and motors)

  • Aluminium

  • Car bodies (please call prior to delivery, or your vehicle may not be accepted)

We weigh your metal on our

independently certified weighbridge for large loads and scales for smaller loads.

We supply electronic documents and receipts. 

Step 3


Prompt Payment 

Bring your drivers license and bank account details into our Wodonga yard and we will pay directly into your bank account.